This picture made me work effectively and easier to accomplish my goals.

Manohar Shrestha
2 min readMay 26, 2021

I used to work so hard on the stuff but the thing does not work the way it should be done. when I used to start working on a task, the first thing that goes to my mind is that I imagined accomplishing the task already but in reality, I have not started yet. when I start to work on my project first 2,3 day I do very energetically after few days the things don’t happen as they should be and that way my interest goes down and down. Afterward, I procrastinate by saying words like tomorrow and later day. As a result, it will never complete.
Then I do google and YouTube “how to the things in better way …” Every blogger, YouTubers have a different view and I experiment on myself. I try to do things differently.

But the most important thing what I found on doing a project is that we want result fast. We are the internet people and I think we are the laziest person of today generation. We need a shortcut to accomplish the task fast.

After seeing the above picture, it motivated me so badly. I experimented with it also. Now I changed the way of doing. Instead of looking for a fast result, I focused on the small things that matter on the project. Before starting the project obviously, I make a plan and then I broke down the project into smaller sizes, it helped me to do the smaller task easily and it made me feel good after completing the smaller task. you might think I completed the smaller task not a whole but you are wrong. I completed the whole task because by doing the smaller task daily it became whole. you might think it was completed overnight no it is completed overtime.

The above picture shows the importance of smaller steps. How two boy tries to go up to the stair. the smaller step stairs move toward his goal where another very few steps with a large gap couldn’t go even one step forward. Through this picture, we can see how small steps can reach to the goal.
Though I always try to do things in different ways, so that my productivity level goes up and I can accomplish my task. I tried this technique. it levels up my productivity and it helped me.